Have you ever wondered how to properly court a women? I want to show you a map that you can follow that will help you court women properly. There are three phases that you need to follow. These phases will help guide you and help you achieve your dating goals much faster. They are the attraction phase, comfort/rapport phase, and the seduction phase. This map will let you know where you are in courtship process and will let you know what steps you need to take to keep things moving forward.

The Details:

Attraction Phase: Have you ever tried connecting with a women and right away you found out that the women you were talking to was not really interested? Either she didn’t invest in the interaction as much as you did or she just gave you very short responses each time you made an attempt to connect with her. Most of the time, the #1 reason why this happens is because a women was not attracted to a guy in the first place. This is why we always want to start with the attraction phase. The example above illustrated men who usually try to start the courtship in the comfort/rapport phase. This is an ineffective way to start a courtship. I mean, why would most people want to invest their time talking to a stranger that they weren’t first attracted to in some way.

Attraction starts as soon as a women lays her eyes on you. So what is she looking for? This varies from women to women but the following is what most women would be evaluating you on. The image you represent, which include your fashion sense, your personal hygiene (shaving, showering, cleaning and trimming your nails, if you have good or bad teeth, does your breath smell good). Your body language is very important and will let a women know how confident you are with yourself as well as how confident you are in the situation your in. How socially intelligent you are. Do you know how to express your personality in a fun, dominant, high status way? Do you understand general social rules?

You want to make sure that you are making the best out of these qualities. Make sure you have a fashion sense that is up to date. This includes from head to toe. Make sure you are taking care of your hygiene and that you are clean and fresh when going out to meet women. If you have bad teeth, fix them as soon as you can. Make sure you are displaying dominant body language everywhere you go. Women want an alpha man and not a beta man. Keep your social skills sharp and know how to express the best version of yourself.

Comfort/Rapport Phase: You enter this phase after a women is already attracted to you. In fact, women should initiate this phase with you by FIRST making an attempt to connect with you. They will do it by asking you rapport/comfort questions. During the rapport/comfort phase, you want to make sure that the teasing, playfulness/bantering has stopped. This is the time to connect and really get to know a women at a deeper level. In general, you always want to make sure that you are in a 1 on 1 situation where the women will be very comfortable opening herself up to you. You don’t want to build rapport with her in front of her friends, your friends or around many people in general. This should be in a private setting. Move her to a quite location within the SAME venue. Keep in mind that every courtship is based around the comfort/rapport phase and if she is not comfortable with you, she will not go into the seduction phase with you.

Seduction Phase: Are you a victim of falling into the friend zone a lot? If you are, you’re not alone. Most guys have been in this situation at some point in their lives and also became frustrated over this. The reason why women put guys in the friend zone or what I like to call the no sex zone is because women do not see those guys as sexual options. If you want to JUST be friends with women, following just the attraction phase and rapport phase is all you need to follow. However, if you want a women to see you as a romantic/sexual option, you want to show her that you are a sexual person. You do this SLOWLY.

Women are not like men where they can get intimate within seconds. Women need to be warmed up. You warm them up from the BEGINNING (Attraction phase) and slowly continue in the rapport phase until you finally crank it up as you enter the seduction phase. You warm a woman up throughout the courtship with your TOUCH. Get her used to your touch throughout the whole courtship. Start off with socially acceptable ways of touching and slowly move towards more intimate ways of touching.

During the early stages of seduction, you want to make sure that you are building sexual tension and that you fully release the tension in an appropriate location. An appropriate location would be in your bedroom, her bedroom or in a private location where sex is possible. It’s your choice how you want to fully release the sexual tension. Do you want to release the tension through heavy make out, sex or by just killing the tension by not taking action. Decide on how you want to fully release it and make it happen.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to properly court a women, you will be much less confused during the process and you will be able to achieve your intimate goals with women much faster. You have a beginning, middle and an end guide to follow. All you need to do now is understand each phase in more depth and practice going through each phase to better master you courtship skills.

Remember, you always start at the attraction phase. You jump into the rapport phase after a women starts making an attempt to connect with you by asking you rapport questions. Last, you smoothly transfer from rapport phase to the seduction phase. You will smoothly make this transfer if you have gotten the women warmed all the way up to the seduction phase. You get her warmed up by getting her used to your touch during the attraction phase and rapport/comfort phase. Most women will not just jump into the seduction phase if they haven’t been warmed up during those two phases that lead to the seduction phase.