You think your long distance partner is upset, but you can’t get a hold of them to talk about. Your long distance relationship is starting to drive you crazy because you have no clue what your partner is thinking, doing, or feeling. This is why communication is key in long distance relationships.

In long distance relationships you can’t just come home and ‘tell’ how your partner is feeling. You can’t look at them and say «Oh boy! He’s not feeling good today so I’ll just let him be by himself for the day.» You don’t have the luxury because you can’t actually see how he or she is feeling!

Ignoring your partner in long distance relationships is unacceptable. They have no clue whether you are alive, made, or cheating on them. They don’t know if you are home or out having the time of your life. They can’t see you and they can’t quickly come on over just to see what is happening. The line of communication has to stay open between a long distance couple in order to really have a healthy relationship.

How To Communicate When Fighting

It’s easy to communicate when everything is going good in a long distance relationship, but once things turn sour it can be easy to ignore your partner and turn off all devices that your relationship communication relies on. This is the wrong thing to do!

If you get into a fight then you are going to have to be mature adults. You can discuss the fact that you need a few days to calm down and let your partner know that you don’t want to communicate in that period, but if it’s not okay with your partner then you can’t just hang up the phone and hit ignore.
If your partner feels that they need to communicate in order to feel better than you may have to come to a compromise of some sort. Maybe you can agree to discuss things after a few hours, or maybe you can agree to wait one day instead of two.

If you leave your partner hanging while they still feel a need to communicate then you risk losing the relationship or turning a healthy relationship into an unhealthy relationship. A partner who can’t get a hold of their partner can make up stories in their head that lead to jealousy, anger, and grudges.
You may find that your partner holds it against you for a long time to come or that they can’t let go of you ignoring them when they needed to talk to you most. You may cause negative feelings that don’t get resolved. And in the end that may cause a permanent breakup.

Long distance relationships are hard enough to keep healthy and happy without the added headache of not being able to get a hold of each other. Don’t let your anger turn you into a disappearing act. Remember that communication is necessary if you want your relationship to work.