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Traditional weddings can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming, and not everyone is meant to have one! Just because it’s expected of us to get on the traditional wedding bandwagon (our families tradition that is) it doesn’t mean that we have to oblige them with what they want.
Think like this…Note to self: It’s my wedding!

Planning a Non Traditional Wedding

There are many things that you have to take into consideration when planning a wedding, and since everyone is different this is what creates unique weddings!
For instance:

  • The amount of money YOU have.
  • The amount of time YOU have.
  • The amount of people YOU want.
  • The location YOU want (that means something to you and your fiancé).
  • The theme in which you want the be around

Whether you want to get married inside, outside, or underwater
Plus so many more individual preference things.
Even having a typical wedding with slight variations can be cause for your grandparents to yell «What is going on here!»
Simple changes to the number of bridesmaids/groomsmen to having the wedding outside can throw off the most traditional person.
But like I said – It’s your choice!

Types of Non Traditional Weddings

Your imagination is really the limit when it comes to having a non traditional wedding. Whatever you want can come to life with some planning and effort. Following are just 3 ideas.
Don’t Plan a Wedding!
What? Don’t plan a wedding? How is that possible?
Easy, invite all of your friends and family to get together for a picnic, camping trip, or just a day outing to the beach. Tell them it’s to celebrate something important to you. The people that show up will be in for a treat!
Once you get everyone together make an announcement…
«We are getting married today!»
Your guests will be part of your wedding without the stress of figuring out what to wear, bring, say, do etc… They will just be there.
And best of all you will not have had to plan for months in advance every detail. All you have to do is bring someone who can marry you, bring the rings, and show up!

Wedding in a Tropical Paradise

Many tropical places offer wedding packages for a relatively good price. If you want to spend your morning on a beach and then your afternoon getting married – followed by some more beach…then a tropical wedding is for you!
Your friends and family may be upset about the price at first, but soon they will start to look forward to the vacation they are going to be taking soon. And they will gladly participate in your wedding – and have amazing fond memories of it afterwards.


Go  ahead and grab a friend or family member that you REALLY want at your wedding (or just go alone) and run away. Don’t tell anyone else about the wedding and go somewhere that you want to go to get married.
Even ‘eloping’ to your family room is going to be more fun than having to a plan a wedding if you are not into doing that.
While Vegas may be the hot-spot of elopements, you can choose anywhere you want to go.
The moment is really about the two of you, not about your friends or family or family of friend, so make the moment count and put the two of you as the star of the show.

Non Traditional Wedding Etiquette

Remember, just because you having a wedding YOUR way, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include your family and friends in some way. Chances are if you don’t, then there will be hard feelings for a long time to come. So if you have a non traditional wedding them make them feel like they are a part of it by allowing them to have small input on details like the clothes, flowers, etc…
Also, make sure to give lots of advance notice for weddings that involve traveling and more detail. For instance, if you have an underwater wedding in Jamica then you are going to want to give your family and friends time to save some money and learn how to swim!
And if you are eloping then make sure to Skype them or contact them after you get married to fill them in (Bonus is they will have time to digest the news before you get home)!
Remember a non traditional wedding is okay. Your wedding should be about your desires, passions, and wants – not anyone else s.

Your Unique Wedding: Say «I Do» With A Twist – Your Unique Wedding: Say ‘I Do’ With A Twist! will help engaged couples answer the questions, manage the details, and address the challenges of planning a creative wedding-day experience. You will learn how to plan a private elopement, invite your family and friends to a destination wedding, surprise your guests on your wedding day, select and prepare for a theme wedding, or set off for an adventure wedding by land, sea, or air. If you are exploring non-traditional wedding options, you’ll find the checklists, planning tips, resource lists, and personal stories of other unique wedding couples to be inspirational, helpful and practical.
Trust used to be a big issue for me.   Any relationship tips on trust that I received were thrown out the window.   I remember when I was a teenager, and even into my mid-twenties, I had a hard time trusting anyone I dated! This is because I had been used and lied to so much in my dating life that it seemed like not having trust was a part of every relationship!
Not true!
Trust is something that is earned, but also something that needs to be there if you are going to have a good relationship. Trust is an important part of any relationship!
Here’s why trust is so important:

No Trust Causes Problems

If you don’t trust your partner in a relationship then how can you expect to be happy? Not trusting them means you are questioning their motives and actions at all times during the relationship. That does not equal happiness.

When you are constantly questioning their motives and actions you can cause them to become unhappy and cause yourself to become paranoid. Both are negative emotions, and negativity in a relationship will always cause fights and independent, personal issues.

No Trust Causes Imagined Stories

Relationship tips on trust all start out with the insight of believing in their innocence until they are proven guilty.
Not only will you cause problems in the relationship, but you will also start to add an element to your relationship that isn’t actually there!
You know what I’m talking about. This is when your partner tells you that they are going to their ‘friends’ house for the night and instead of believing them you make up stories in your head about how their ‘friend’ is really someone who they are going to sleep with!
Of course, chances are that their friend is really just a friend, and your irrational thinking is causing you to worry and fret for no reason!
Worry causes stress on your body and that can affect your health.
So all because you are not willing to trust your partner, you have effectively influenced your health negatively!
The Best Relationship Tips on Trust?

The best relationship tips on trust go something like this:

  1. Start out trusting your partner.
  2. If they do something to break the trust then find out why they did so and if their reasoning has any validity behind it.
    If there reason is valid, and they swear not to do it again, then move on with the relationship with trust.
    If there reason is not valid and they seem to be hiding something then find out what it is or end the relationship as a relationship without trust is like a person overboard without a life vest – doomed.
  3. If they break your trust again find the underlying reason they did so and fix that reason.
  4. If they break your trust again, and you can’t find a reason why they did so, then end the relationship for the same reason as number 4.

It’s really that easy. You don’t have to put up with a liar, but one instance of breaking trust is not enough for you to lose complete trust in them forever. It just takes some effort to get to the bottom of why they broke your trust, and some patience to make sure you fix that core issue so it never happens again!
If they continuously break your trust however, then you are allowed to leave the relationship. A relationship is not a relationship without trust.