There is one sad thing most men, especially the smart ones, do when it comes dealing with women: they switch on Jimmy Neutron mode and become a total brainiac.
Now, there is nothing wrong with being an intelligent guy. It is, in fact, very much encouraged. But when it comes to dating and creating attraction, it doesn’t really help at all.
The reason behind this is that women are emotional creatures. They tend to be affected more by emotion than reason.
This is something you need to remember when meeting women.
It’s not enough to make a good impression during your first date. You have to be remarkable that she’ll talk about you with her friends long after your date.
How do you do that?
Emotional conversation.
Conversation for first dates can be tough since you don’t know much about your date. Though there are the usual things you can talk about like work and family. But these things will not be enough to make her attracted to you.
If you start to ramble about your work, say you are a programmer or chemist, there is a higher chance that she gets bored unless she works in the same field. Everything you will say will be lost to her simply because it’s not something that would endear her to you.
Remember, if you want to make a woman like you a lot, you have to forge an emotional connection.
And you can only do that when you say the right things.
For starters, quit talking about the details of your job unless you know it’s something she’s very interested in or passionate about.
You don’t need a logical approach. You may be too nervous about making her like you that you over think it. Don’t do that. Avoid it.
Relax and you’ll feel more comfortable about making great conversation with her.
The key to making emotional conversation is to keep it light. Talk about simple stuff; things that you know would lead to far more conversation topics. Say, the food. Ask what she thinks about it. Does it taste good? Does she like it?
Then proceed by asking her if she likes cooking. If she does, then ask her—this is the hook—how cooking makes her feel.
I can guarantee you that your conversation has just reached the next level by you asking her this. Why? It’s because you’ve just appealed to her emotion.
She is passionate about cooking, so she’ll be genuinely interested in your conversation. If she seemed bored earlier in the date, she will come alive just talking about the things that make her feel good.
Remember, the secret here is to make her feel good. Tap into her emotions.
That is how you make her attracted to you.
Another thing you can do is tell jokes and funny stories. Think about emotional topics. These topics are usually funny, witty, and not taken very seriously. These make the mood light and pleasant.
So remember to be aware of the conversations for first dates. Make sure they don’t bore her. Keep it light and appeal to her emotion.
Attraction is not achieved by a logical process. It’s a product of emotions.
Learn how to do that and you will be dating women left and right.