Before the first meeting, try to observe certain safety rules: arrange to meet in a public place, leave ways to retreat (for example, tell your friends where you are going and ask them for a “control” call). You should not drink too much alcohol, and never leave personal belongings without looking.

How to dating online properly

When looking for a partner in the network, listen to your intuition, but do not forget about common sense. Compliance with security rules does not guarantee fraud protection in real life or online dating and yet can reduce the risk of being deceived. The Internet is a huge ocean in which different fish lives. It is possible to meet anyone from anywhere in the world here. On the Internet, people find work, friends, and lovers. In order for relationships, whether professional or personal, to evolve successfully, you need to observe the etiquette of online dating. If not interested – relax and watch Kendall Jenner nudes at

If you decide who you are looking for and for what purpose, the chances of finding someone suitable will be greater. To start, make a list of the qualities that a suitable applicant should have. Mark on the list which of these are the most important to you and which you will not pay attention to. And also think about what kind of person you shouldn’t date at all.